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Mark Freeman

About the Artist

High energy only begins to describe the artwork of modern abstract painter Mark Freeman.  Vibrant colors with unbridled use of paint that make up his body of work reveal the energy and passion of Mark’s ‘fearless” painting style.  Every piece is created to bring energy, color, and excitement to those who enjoy and collect his work.  If a piece doesn’t bring intense energy and movement during its creation, Freeman may simply paint over it which also creates a source of great color depth in his paintings.

Freeman says, “Even if modern abstract is ‘not your thing’, I want my work to bring a volume of color and movement that excites your eye enough to forget about the everyday world, if even for a moment.”

Artist Statement

“The process of creating abstract art is not always easily described.  I would rather make art than talk about how it is made.  I create my art in a variety of ways; sometimes silently, other times listening to a variety of music-usually played loudly.  I enjoy painting abstract shapes and lines and bringing them together in an often rapid, random improvisational manner. Sometimes I draw elements of the painting first, but other times go directly to the canvas with palette knife, brush, bottle or other objects to get the desired image.  Abstract art is freeing to me.  I feel I am not suited much for realism-isn’t that what cameras are for?  I love bold colors in erratic patterns. It makes me want to move-sometimes au natural!”

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