Multimedia Artist

Emmy Wommack

Artist Statement

Much of my internal narrative throughout my life has been a battle between the myth that I am not, and the divine truth that by virtue of my existence I am, enough. I paint to work these things out. Like a dream that solves problems while one sleeps, I am not always completely aware of what is being resolved through my work, but I feel the resolution. I share my work, at least in part, because I am an introvert with a desire for connection. The paintings are deeply personal, largely autobiographical records of events, encounters, and feelings I find it difficult to express verbally. They are a way of communicating, albeit in faint utterance at times, with the world and the deepest parts of myself.


When I am working, anything within reach becomes an implement to apply and manipulate paint.  The first layers are applied with as little conscious thought as possible.  In subsequent layers the story starts to reveal itself and I make the crucial decisions regarding what stays, what gets buried under more paint, and what will be scraped, scratched, sanded, or otherwise coaxed away to reveal previous layers.

Let Us Know!

Interested in Emmy's work?

We have a few select pieces available at the gallery and can contact Emmy for others or commissions.