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Residential Consultations

With over 31 years of expertise as art curators in Kansas City, Leawood Fine Art will guide you to the perfect choices in art and framing to breathe new life into your walls and showcase your unique personality and style.

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Perfect Choices

Leawood Fine Art’s experienced art curators will guide you with making the best choices for your current and desired art collection for your home.

Art Curation in Kansas City

How It Works

It may seem like a daunting task at face value, but getting ready for your home consultation appointment is simple.

  • Assess your body of work that you want us to help you with. Be aware of what “holes” you’d like to fill in your collection.
  • Contact the gallery to set up an appointment via phone or email.
  • Display all pieces in your home for your appointment.

Residential Art Consultations

Why turn to the home art curators at Leawood Fine Art in Kansas City?


  • With our trained eyes, we will help you best figure out which pieces of yours go in which space.
  • We can suggest new pieces in your space to coordinate and update your collection.

Residential Consultations

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