David Cooper

“I enjoy rich color and love painting scenes of people in everyday situations. Most my paintings revolve around personal experiences. I paint a lot on site, from photographs I have taken and some from memory. I paint fast with a sketchy quality.  The manipulation of shape and textures is an on-going process and shapes my work. I was educated in the Armin Hoffman “Swiss Style” program of visual expression in the relationships of point, line, and shape. That discipline became the structure of self evaluation. I have learned to be true to my unique capabilities. I am an extemporaneous painter with painting as the adventure of exploration. Art critics and judges looking at my body of work have described my art as having enviable creative range.”


"Your paintings have a unique visual style, creating a very impressionistic look on American Life. I love the everyday attitude to your subjects, representing figures, landscapes, and still life images through such a perspective that makes these images feel as if they are already a part of the daily lives of the viewer. Your paintings translate a very resonant feeling of nostalgia, making the viewer feel connected to something so familiar, yet distant, and almost unattainable. Your art conveys such a strong sense of space, stripping away so much real world context that we are all so heavily exposed to, and transporting the viewer into this world within the frame, where everything feels so much simpler and peaceful. I found your art to be an incredibly refreshing experience, as a viewer. It so successfully creates a sense of space and mood, emotionally moving the viewer into the world of the painting, and filling them with nostalgia, and a sense of peace. " Charlie Kassabian, RAW Less of inner self.

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