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Linda Kall

Linda’s understanding, and love of nature, can be caught captive in her abstract floral interpretations or in magnificent landscapes of the earth with trees, flowers, water horizons and masses of gentle air. Her love of color and texture can be felt in one of a kind contemporary and individually enhanced mono prints or incorporated into an undiluted sense of color and passion applied orgasmically by her wet and juicy brush onto canvas. Her appreciation of color ranges from gentle pastels, to electric primaries.

Linda’s desire for art began early in elementary school with her most memorable experience, an exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. She later won a Merit Award from St. Cloud University Art Department.

Linda Kall earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in art education at Mankato State University of Minnesota when she was twenty-two years old. The next seven years were spent teaching art on a secondary level in the Minnesota school system. Linda has always expressed to her students, “If anyone does a “V” for a flying bird, you will fail my class.” This is her own way of expressing to others that her style of art is loose, free and spontaneous and never drawn. The art comes from within and without. Her art is always drawn on an inner force of spontaneity, a form of controlled chaos. Color and form are the priority of the basic composition and not just filling space.

Working in the privacy of her own reclusive painting and print studio, Linda has produced many works over the last twenty plus years. Her work has been recognized and collected, by an ever growing list, of both private and corporate (foreign and domestic) collectors.

“The only thing I ever wanted to be was an artist. I am extremely fortunate to be doing what I love.” Linda Kall

Currently published by “The New York Graphic Society”

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