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Amie Jacobsen

Amie J. Jacobsen is a multi-facetted artist and designer currently producing work in sculptures, furniture, and painting. She holds a BA in Studio Art from Western Colorado University, as well as an MFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) where she taught in the Foundations, Illustration, and e-Learning department from 2006-2015. During her time with SCAD, she authored 3 courses for the school’s e-learning program and illustrated 12 children’s books, including the Spenser
Nation series.

In 2015, Amie took the opportunity to learn metalworking as the in-house designer and resident artist at a metal fabrication shop in the Crossroads Art District in Kansas City, MO called Machine Head. There she had the opportunity to both learn the nuances of the medium, as well as design and build several sculpture pieces. In 2017 Amie moved into her own studio/workshop space after receiving a large commission for a water feature sculpture. Today, Amie continues to produce work in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, and also incorporates wood, glass, paint, and even plants and organic life into her work.

Amie now splits her time between her home in Colorado and the Kansas City area. Her main workshop is in Merriam, KS where she shares space with glass artist Dierk Van Keppel of Rock Cottage Glassworks, and collaborates with Dierk and his team on many projects. Amie also collaborates with her husband, Tim O’Neill, a woodworker, illustrator, and exhibition designer, and his company, The Urban Lumber Co. as well as maintains a wonderful collaborative relationship with Machine Head and the creative team there.

Artist Statement
The creative drive is innate to the human experience. Yet we don’t just create- we create with purpose. Art is the purest form of that purpose. Art is how we purposely enhance our lives. As an artist, I am first an explorer of medium, technique, and craft. Throughout my career, I have been a painter, an illustrator, and now a sculptor and metal worker. With these skills I have been able to create works that enhance homes and office spaces, gardens and public spaces, as well as books, and print material. While each piece is unique, my work is meant to be uplifting while communicating energy, movement, and playfulness! Yet I strive maintaining a sense of elegance and craftsmanship.

Currently I work mostly in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum and often incorporate wood, glass, paint, and various other materials. This allows me to create pieces ranging from functional, such as wood and steel furniture, to whimsical, such as my wall sculptures, to monumental, as in my large sculpture pieces. In many ways my style has become increasingly spontaneous and instinctual over the years, yet I have always been inspired by the natural world. While I have explored many themes, I inevitably circle back to flora and fauna, wildlife, insects, and other animals. My process begins with brainstorming and sketching. Once an idea is fully formed, sketches are developed into mockettes and/or 3D computer models. Design and engineering details are worked out and step by step plans are developed. Materials are then ordered. Usually this includes pieces that have been laser cut to specific shapes and sizes, as well as raw materials that must be cut and formed. The tools of my work include power equipment – saws, torches, welders, and grinders, as well as sketchbook, computer and tablet, paint and brush.

I work hard to hone my skills and techniques, but I have learned that it is human ingenuity and
fearless expression that touches people the most. For me, each piece is a celebration of the joy of
human creativity and the ability to take raw materials and make something new.

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