Peter Crane

Crane grew up in New Jersey with ready access to what he considers conflicting landscapes: The big city’s hustle and bustle alongside picturesque seashore views, and a densely wooded countryside. He now lives in Kansas with its big sky and endless fields that provide wonderful landscape views. It has been in these contrasting surroundings that he has developed a great love and awareness of ambient natural beauty. While growing up, drawing and painting was a form of momentary escape and self-expression, but in college Crane chose music as a formal course of study and his artistic outlet. Ultimately, he chose a career helping others live better lives in their senior years of life but maintained his interest in music at a variety of professional levels. It is in the second half of his life that he has returned to his early form of self-expression in painting. He enjoys exploring a wide variety of subject matter with a primary focus on landscapes and big skies. He aims to reflect his love of natural and organic beauty through a blended style including impressionism, realism, and abstraction. Crane uses texture and color to try and capture that very moment before the view changes from lighting, weather, or a passing wind. Nature’s drama holds a strong appeal to him and can often be moody.

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We have a few select pieces available at the gallery and can contact Peter for others or commissions.