Linda Nickell

Inspired by the colors, shapes, lines and textures in nature, I enjoy developing layers of history within my work. Each mark, scrape, and brush stroke creates layers that reveal the history and beauty underneath the surface. I enjoy finding hidden beauty in a landscape and employ abstraction to bring forth the essence of the scene. Using oil paint with cold wax medium in my paintings allows me to create many transparent and opaque layers which I can excavate into, thus revealing hidden treasures underneath.

It is my hope that the art I create brings the viewer into a closer looking experience and succeeds in expressing the beauty, intrigue and depth in the world around us.

Currently residing in Leawood, KS, Linda Nickell enjoys creating art in her home studio space. She is a former manager of school programs at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and for many years enjoyed opening up the world of art to students of all ages through creative programming. She has a degree in art education and fine arts from Missouri State University. Previous to employment at the museum, Linda was an art educator in public and private schools as well as a graphic designer and illustrator for corporations in the Kansas City area. Linda has exhibited in solo and group shows in the Kansas City and Dallas areas with many of her works being held in private and corporate collections in a variety of cities.

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