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Project Description

Zach Arlan

Trained as an Industrial Designer but later finding my footing as a graphic designer, I believe my work to be somewhere in between. The three-dimensional aspect of designing products has always been alluring to me but the freedom doesn’t exist. Graphic Design is fantastic, but you’re still limited in that the end goal is to sell a product.

Using a type of automatic drawing as a starting point, I let my instincts inform the shapes and the forms. Sometimes Ill sketch an idea or a movement before working it through on a larger scale. Rather than basing the compositions in reality, I draw from ethereal, intangible, and dreamlike references. Memories and emotions find their way into the compositions, sometimes quite subtly.

Using fluorescent pigment in conjunction with geometric shapes as building blocks, I organize the shapes into movements that are meant to convey a mood, an emotion, a place, a time: the intangible. The colors seem unnatural while simultaneously familiar. My intention is ultimately for the viewer to have a similar experience of discover as I did while creating it.

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