Project Description

Nicholas K. Clark

Artist’s Statement
From vivid jewel tones to metallic and pearl paints highlighted by passionate reds with flecks of yellow, Nicholas’s art is a direct reflection of his infectious optimism. His work displays his instinctual fearlessness of color and discerning balance of form. To create his signature textured depth, Nicholas boldly layers and sculpts acrylics or oils. Inspired by family, friends, history, and music, Nicholas’s work with notable figures is a passion; capturing the subtlety of a living form¬—the detail of a hand, the story in the eyes, the capturing of movement and expression by a simple brushstroke¬—is the challenge and reward.

Artist’s Bio
Nicholas K. Clark’s journey as an artist began with blank paper, pencil, and pen. He soon discovered his cathartic attraction to the transformation of a blank sheet of paper into something aesthetically pleasing, a window of beauty through which to escape the mundane. In time, he introduced acrylics, oils, and watercolors to his work, furthering his process and fueling his chromatic passion. Color is now key to his creative process and remains a constant throughout his portfolio of varied subjects. Through the manipulation of color, in absence and abundance, he purely expresses an authentic, personal connection to his work.

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