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Project Description

Jeremy Goodding

Jeremy Goodding was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1976 and was brought up on an eastern Nebraska farm. For the first eight years of his life, Jeremy suffered from severe asthma. During that time, he was in and out of the hospital, away from school and spent considerable time alone. Drawing became Jeremy’s foundational activity during this period. As Jeremy’s health improved, he experienced the order of beauty through the outdoors and could not get enough drawing time with it. Jeremy began working with oil at age 15. As a new painter, He was attracted to artists from the impressionist era, but as time went on he found himself searching for a way to paint other aspects of reality he saw. Discovering the work of David Leffel was an important moment and a connection that later led him to study with Sherrie Mcgraw and Jeff Legg. These painters have had considerable influence on his artistic vision by answering key questions and enriching his understanding about the beautiful things that can be done with paint.

Statement: I strive to create paintings with a captivating visual idea through the abstract beauty of paint while retaining the essence of reality. The paintings are sensitive, yet dynamic, with an “old masters” look using the subtle drama of light, color, and movement. My paintings incorporate subject matter, harmoniously arranged, from pottery to simple leaves. Each painting should enrich, bless, and evoke a sense of wonder concerning truth, the natural world, the world of a painter, and life.

Jeremy currently resides in Lincoln, Nebraska, with his wife, Iris, and their three children, Amena, Elliot, and Lucas

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