Project Description

Greg Jones

Greg is a self-taught abstract painter with a love of colors, shapes & textures. He’s very visual and much of his inspiration comes to him through the colors and forms of nature. Being spontaneous and experimental allows him the freedom to express his curiosity and to define the methods and means towards the end result. He likes to work in acrylics because of their fast-drying properties lending itself to my technique of color mixing. Adding washes reveal the layers below, sometimes altering colors and generating nuances of form and hue. He uses traditional artist’s brushes and blades as well as different implements to achieve the finished product such as those that may be found in the garage or kitchen to achieve a desired look.

“I love the idea of my artwork becoming a part of people’s lives, bringing them an emotional connection, curiosity, pleasure and sharing with others. Every painting has a positive energy that draws you in to look closer… and every time you really look at the painting you will see something different. My paintings are bold and are very much statement pieces, they will make a room come ‘alive’!”

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