Project Description

Ed Bartozek

My images are graphic, contemporary, cool, and contagious. I use a palette of primary colors outlined with black. The bright colors appear to "pop up" with the black outlines. The images are made to make the viewer smile and be happy. The characters are either smiling or appear to be having a good time. This brings the viewer in, and they smile too. I like the images to be a quick read, and carefully try to not get too busy. Simplicity is important to me. Many of my ideas come from everyday objects and popular subjects. I like a variety of "stuff" and from that I am able to draw many different designs. I am open to new ideas and like to work with clients to create a unique piece of art.
My background has helped me create and develop all my cool stuff. I have been working full time as an artist for over 30 years. In 1980, I received a BFA in Graphic Design from Kansas State University. After college, I worked as an architectural illustrator, but then in 1988, I started my own business as an artist and illustrator.

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