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Doug Bates

Douglas Alan Bates is a proficient painter living in the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area. Born in Chicago Illinois, and raised in Kansas City, Doug has always been captivated by the process of adapting his visions and perspective of the world and channeling them into amazing works of art. He studied Fine Arts and Business, graduating from Missouri State University in 1985. Since then, Doug has been able to positively utilize and develop his interest in both art and business into a successful career as the founder and president of a specialty
Painting Company: Bates Painting Inc. On January 10th, 2002, Doug decided to try painting with oil on canvas, a decision that has since allowed him to pursue opportunities he could have never imagined. Through yearsof practice and experience, he has naturally developed his own unique pointillistic style. His dedication to the craft led him to participate in multiple art shows in Kansas City, including First Friday’s in the Crossroads Art District. It was there he chose to design, build, and curate his own gallery - The Dot Gallery - which has been running for seven years strong, with a show in the crossroads as recently as October 2019.

Artist Statement

“My lifelong struggle with OCD, depression, and anxiety has led me in many distorted directions, each inevitably ending in a chaotic, failed attempt to control the uncontrollable. Through artistic creativity, I allowed myself to establish a functional relationship between me and my obsessive-compulsive disorder. It immediately opened my eyes to an unforeseen level of spiritual freedom and peace. I consider my eye for color and space relationships a gift to be cherished. It is a gift with which I am uniquely blessed, and a gift I wish to share with the world. I am truly liberated by pouring my passion into my everyday life, and hopefully, into the lives of others. With tremendous humility and joy, I now feel connected to the universe by a glimmer of hope and a realization of purpose.

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