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Daniel Fishback

“It was 1999 when I first started painting and except for a few non-credit watercolor classes, I am primarily self-taught.

I try to portray my love of the outdoors through my paintings. I especially enjoy those places near a stream, a river, or a lake. When I was a young boy, I became fascinated with the outdoors while exploring McKenzie Creek, which ran about 50 yards from my Grandmother’s home in Piedmont, Missouri.

Because of my love for the outdoors, quite a bit of my work is done en plein air. Many of my paintings are devoted to landscapes with a body of water of some type or other in them. Other features of the outdoors that I am drawn to are mountains, skies, trees, old barns, hay bales, and animals. Autumn is my favorite time of year because of the brilliantly colored trees and bushes.

Due to my interest in architecture, my cityscapes are often quite detailed. My landscapes and waterscapes tend to be less detailed but I consider all of my work to be my impression of the scene.

Over 90 of my paintings are in private collections in over 20 US states and Ireland. I have earned numerous awards and have had several one-person shows.”

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