Martin E. Waldera

Born and raised in Minnesota I have a tolerance for diversity.  We can be enjoying 80 degree weather one day and be sharpening our snow shovels the next.  These type of changes affect your decisions, your moods, your needs and have influenced my art.  I find my art varies throughout the seasons and the years from abstract to a naïve impressionism.  “I am absolutely enthralled by abstract art, I return to it constantly.  Within abstraction lies reality.

I am a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a B.A. in Studio Arts.  In studying art history I was attracted to the Surrealists, especially Dali and Tanguy, as well as Duchamp.  At the U of M George Morrison made a lasting impression upon me with his abstractions of earth and sky and their relation to the horizon.  Recently, I’ve enjoyed the abstract woodblock prints of Hodaka Yoshida and their “primitive energy”.  Together the study of these artists and others have shaped my interpretation of art and guided my hand to create work that defines me.

These recent paintings are the culmination of years of small successes and many failures, a continuous process.  As diverse as the Minnesota climate are the influences evident within these acrylic paintings.  I begin working serendipitously on multiple pieces and rely on “happy accidents”, then I paint more intuitively in reaction to my initial marks.  When finished I hope to discover elements of ancient maps, paths of the explorers, primitive cave drawings, aboriginal symbols, mythology figures, astrologic signs, abstract land forms, great geologic events, oriental ideograms, native pictographs, rock and roll music and the blues.

I hope you enjoy these paintings and create your own stories to interpret them.

I continue to endure the Minnesota weather with my wife and two children.

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