Robin Van Hoozer

Robin VanHoozer finds the link between the reality of the outside world and the inner being. This ability to connect daring vision and spontaneous imagination is displayed in her work. Raised with a background rich in history and nature in St. Joseph, Missouri, her work displays a love of dynamic movement and vivid color.

Robin received her MA in Studio Art/Painting from the University of Missouri in Kansas City. She is a Kansas City 2013 Artist INC Live Fellow. Robin has exhibited locally throughout Missouri and Kansas as well as nationally in Massachusetts, New Mexico, and Washington, DC. Her work has recently been selected for the 2014 Fourth Annual Juried Encaustic/Wax Exhibition at the Encaustic Art Institute in Cerrillos, New Mexico. Robin’s artwork has also been on display in the office of Senator Claire McCaskill in Washington, D.C. and featured on the ABC television show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.


The essence of my painting lies with the evolution and intensity that emerges on the blank surface before me. The constant transformations that occur over the course of the creating a painting inspire my art making. The sequence progresses until there is simplicity with complexity. Seeking this paradox, every bold streak defines a deliberate act while each luminous color engages an innate connection. Its there that comes the enigma of what is divulged on the final layer of paint.

Nuanced between an intuitive subconscious and the conscious expression of time and perspective is where my work originates. Every mark that traces a path on the surface lends its intricacy to what is ultimately revealed. Lines are a platform for the perspective, standpoints if you will. Standpoints of time, narrating a point of view chronicled during a specific moment. When facing the choice of where to direct a stroke there is innovation. Dynamic action against which is balanced the quiet force of color.

An elemental palette is rooted in the childhood use of primary hues. Vivid pigment springs from the innocence of uncluttered early memories. Colors unexpected and instinctually compelling. The use of encaustic wax in my art practice allows me to explore multiple layers of translucency. Adding levels of saturation, the tonal range of my chromatic lexicon expands. Communicating in the lush primordial language of silence, a visual shout emerges. The evolutionary path I travel with each image is a unique perplexity. The revelations that are unveiled surprise. The mystery deciphered.

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