Carla Craven


Serene, meditative, edgy, alive.

My art is a jolt of energy  – releasing a vibrancy that charges the mood of any space.  Each piece is alive with rhythmic color & transmits a frequency of its own.”

My passion is color.  Seeing what happens as the colors connect, constantly in a state of flux, illuminated by their adjacent colors, the dancing light and the eye of the beholder.

For me, this is truly magical.

Pair these works with traditional furniture pieces for a striking juxtaposition. Each lifting the other to a new level of recognition.   At the same time, the sharp clean lines create a flow and visual interest that is mesmerizing in a more contemporary setting as well.

These paintings seduce the eye, instant impact, at first, that compels a deep and exciting introspection.

You simply can’t ignore their presence.

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